Kinemaster Video Export Problem Fixed: 6 Ways

Kinemaster is a mobile video editing app that is both popular and professional. You may conduct any form of editing on your smartphone using this video editor app, from simple to professional. The app is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.

Clear background running apps

The first step is to delete any apps that are currently operating in the background on your phone. Kinemaster may be unable to process your video because another app is using your phone's video decoder. One of the most typical causes of Kinemaster's export issues is this.

You may simply clear programmes from the recent apps page to stop them from running in the background. To stop all apps from running in the background, go to the bottom of your screen and hit the Recent apps icon (it's directly next to the home button). Then hit the Close All button.

Export video in lower resolution

Your phone may not always be capable of exporting a video in the resolution you've selected. While rendering your movie, the Kinemaster app may display an export error. Try exporting your movie in a lesser resolution to repair it.

 Force stop Kinemaster and restart

If you're still having problems after attempting these solutions, another option is to force stop the Kinemaster app and then restart it. There could be a problem with the Kinemaster that is preventing the video from being exported. This is easily remedied by force-closing the app.

To do so, head to your phone's Settings, then Apps, and then Kinemaster. When you open it, you'll see a "Force Stop" option. Simply tap on it to activate it. The Kinemaster app on your phone will be disabled as a result of this action. Reopen it and try exporting your video again. You won't encounter any errors while exporting if this way succeeded. It's that simple!

Restart your phone

Most problems on your phone can be resolved by simply restarting the system. In this situation, it disables the programme from operating in the background while also forcing the Kinemaster to shut down. That is, it will perform the tasks of both the first and third methods. Simply try this trick and see whether it works for you.

Clear Kinemaster cached data

It's possible that there's a bug in the Kinemaster app that's causing the export issue on your phone. Clearing the cached data in the Kinemaster app will reset it. Go to Settings > Apps > Kinemaster to get started. Click the Storage option in the app's information screen, then hit the Clear Data button. If you're prompted to confirm your activity, just click OK to proceed.

Use different version of Kinemaster

It's also possible that the version of Kinemaster you're using now isn't compatible with your smartphone. First, make an attempt to upgrade it to the most recent version. Also, make sure your phone software is up to date. Kinemaster can be updated via your phone's app store (Google Play Store for Android and Apple Store for iPhone/iOS).

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