How to Fix MOV Videos on Android That Won't Play

How to Fix MOV Videos on Android That Won't Play

Android cellphones are improving all the time. Gone are the days when videos in 3GP format were of terrible quality. Smartphones now support videos with resolutions up to 4K and practically all video formats. This is due to the improvement of Android phones' video codecs.

Have you ever tried to play a video on your Android smartphone only to find that it won't play for unknown reasons? This is especially common while using an iPhone to record videos. In reality, iPhone uses a variety of video codecs to encode and decode video, which is often in MOV format.

If a MOV video won't play on your Android phone, it's simply because your phone lacks the necessary video codec (software or hardware) to play the movie. In this guide, we'll show you how to fix the MOV format videos on your Android phone that won't play on your iPhone. Let's get this party started!

To play MOV format videos, use the MX Player app.

The gallery app on your phone's default video decoder doesn't always enable playback of MOV format videos. If you try to play that video, an error message will appear on your screen "The video could not be played. There was an unidentified mistake ".. You won't be able to repair this problem and make your gallery media player play that video, but there are alternative possibilities.

MX Player is an app that you may have heard about. MX Player, like VLC on a Windows PC/laptop, is the most popular and powerful media player programme for smartphones. This app is probably already loaded on your phone, but if not, you can get it for free from the Google Play Store. MX Player has a number of video decoders that allow you to watch practically any video format on your phone.

You can use the other video decoder if the first one fails to play the video. It utilises Hardware Decoder by default (HW). There's also Hardware Decoder+ (HW+), which is a more advanced version. You can try Software Decoder if none of the hardware decoders work (SW). Basically, it provides you with a variety of video playback options.

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