How can I put XNSPY on my iPhone or Android phone?

The majority of individuals are opposed to the use of monitoring apps. The demand for these programmes, however, was unaffected by the massive quantity of criticism. According to the statistics, the use of monitoring apps has increased by 373 percent in 2019 compared to 2018.

These apps capture data from the targeted phone without the user's awareness, leading some to believe that they are primarily used for unethical motives. However, the majority of parents utilise these surveillance applications to keep an eye on and track their children. Some of them, on the other hand, utilise these apps to keep track of their employees.

XNSPY is a verified monitoring app, according to several XNSPY reviews, to meet your parental and staff monitoring needs. If you believe that all surveillance programmes are used for unlawful objectives, you are mistaken. On their website, XNSPY makes it clear that the programme can only be used for ethical causes.

Installing XNSPY on Android

  1. Visit the XNSPY website and select an appropriate subscription.
  2. You will subsequently receive an email with information on your XNSPY account and password. You will receive a complete installation instructions in this email.
  3. To complete the installation, go to the URL supplied in the email.
  4. The software will begin downloading once you have entered the URL.
  5. The software will begin downloading once you have entered the URL. On the notification bar, you can see how much longer the installation will take.
  6. When the download is complete, the file called "Appv2.apk" will appear. To open it, simply tap on it.
  7. It'll bring up a dialogue window. To continue, choose the setting and toggle on the “Allow from this source” option.
  8. Then, to instal XNSPY on the device, select "Install."
  9. Open it once the installation is finished.
  10. A dialogue box titled "Battery Optimization" will display. Select "Allow."
  11. A few more dialogue boxes will appear. Allow Android Auto Permission to be enabled.
  12. Allow the gadget to be tracked.
  13. After that, you must input the activation code from the email that was sent to your email account. Accept after reading all of the terms and privacy policies.
  14. Continue the installation by pressing "Start."
  15. From the Proceeding Accessibility screen, press “Proceed” to enable Android Auto.
  16. Then select "Proceed" and turn on "Allow usage tracking" in Android Auto.
  17. Continue by selecting "Allow" from the Notification Access menu to activate Android Auto.
  18. Continue to the bottom of the page and touch “Activate this device administrator.”
  19. Choose "Don't show again" and "Start Now" from the dialogue box that appears.

Now select "Proceed" and grant all Auto permissions (If you have already allowed all the permissions, you will not see the dialogue boxes again.)

To begin your monitoring journey, select "Start Monitoring."

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