How To Make Your Blog Images SEO Friendly

How To Make Your Blog Images SEO Friendly

Create images for your blog A WordPress blog's SEO is done on several stages, beginning with onsite SEO and moving to on page SEO. Using an appropriate picture, appropriate keywords, and an appropriate tag are all important factors in SEO.

Images on your blog are critical for international tourists from image-based search engines such as Google image search. Unlike text-based content, search engine bots are unable to see and define the content in the same way as a normal user would.

How to apply an Alt tag to photos in WordPress:

When you insert an image into a blog post, you have the ability to include a Title and Alt tag, which helps with image SEO. Manually applying the Alt tag to each picture you upload is a simple way to use it. However, if you have a current site and need to manually update all of the old images and add alt tags, this is a very time-consuming process.

 I'll show you how to use the SEO friendly images plugin to improve the images on your WordPress blog for web pages. This plugin was created by Valadmir, who is also the creator of the famous SEO smart links plugin and the founder of the ManageWP app. Let's begin with this plugin:

  • Download and trigger the plugin for SEO-friendly photos.
  • Go to Settings > SEO friendly photos and customise the settings until it's been activated.

You will use this plugin to simplify the image's Title and Alt tags. Though Search engines focus completely on the Alt tag to understand your image, the title plays an important role as well, and it's a good idea to give your Title a better estimation.

Giving your picture a meaningful name before uploading is the easiest way to use this plugin. Instead of naming your image DSC0023.jpeg or something similar, give it a keyword-rich name before you upload it. For example

 The file SEO-friendly-image.jpeg.

The below are examples of accurate way:

  • For the ALT tag, use a percent name.
  • % Title tag on Title

That's what there is to it. Click on update options and that's it. Your photos will now support you in improving your blog's overall On-page SEO. In addition to the SEO-friendly photos plugin, I strongly advise you to use ShortPixels, which will help you maximise the size of your images while also speeding up the loading of your website.

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